Course curriculum

    1. How to get the most out of this experience

    2. Reflection as a key tool

    1. What I'll accomplish

    2. Identify my values

    3. Identify my work styles

    4. Craft my "elevator pitch"

    5. Create my work portfolio

    6. Engage others with my career story

    1. What I'll accomplish

    2. Understand various types of work

    3. Understand various sectors

    4. Identify resources that can help me go deeper

    1. What I'll accomplish

    2. Understand the importance of networks

    3. Map my networks

    4. Connect to learn more about work of interest

    5. Find support for my career growth

    6. Learn to network with confidence (overcoming networking anxiety)

    1. Please take this 3 minute survey

    1. What I'll accomplish

    2. Reflect on the highs and lows of my career

    3. Understand skills and how to translate them across work areas

    4. Assess my current skills and strengths

    5. Engage others for reflection

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